Best coffee places in Ljubljana

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One of the most instagrammable places in Ljubljana. Not only does it offer the perfect photo location but it’s also a location with delicious food.  From matcha, latte, smoothies, and cold refreshing homemade drink, perfect for summertime. 

STOW cafe

This coffee shop is located in the City Museum of Ljubljana. If you plan to visit the museum, you will have to buy a ticket, but if not you can visit the coffee shop without any fees. When you enter through the main entrance look for the sign STOW, that will lead you to the basement. The Cafe is known for its specialty coffee. The offer is changing through the season. The ambient is modern and because of the glass walls, you don’t have the feeling of being inside. Besides the coffee, they are also offering sweet and sour pies, and Slovenian beer, made by Slovenian microbreweries. 

The opening hours are usually every day from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10.00 to 18.00.



Located by the river Ljubljanica in the old part of Ljubljana. You can enjoy your coffee either outside and observe the city vibes or inside. On the menu, you can also find some delicious snacks and sandwiches. 


Cafe Moderna is located in the basement of the Modern gallery in Ljubljana, which was designed by Edvard Ravnikar. The place was renovated in 2009 by Slovenian architectural biro Bevk Perović. Most of the chairs are designed by Niko Kralj, Slovenian designer, and Luka Ločičnik. The ambient is clean with a touch of retro inspiration. They offer different types of specialty coffee. You can enjoy coffee from Kenya, Etiopia, Guatemala, Colombia, and Mexico, where it’s handmade. On the menu, you can also find Slovenian wines, spirit, beer, and of course snacks, soups, and sweets. 

From the chair, stars or sofa, find your perfect spot and enjoy the coffee.


A small coffee shop located in the old part of Ljubljana. Walk past the Triple bridge, to the city hall, and continue your way toward Hercules fountain. The coffee spot is located on the left, right after the Tea house, and next to the Valvasor. The interior is cozy, and I don’t know why but it reminds me of Harry Potter. During the summer they also expanded on the street. Here you can enjoy the coffee made on espresso or Arabic style. You can choose between more than 20 different types of coffees, and added flavors. 


Cafe Nebotičnik is located in the center of Ljubljana. Nebotičnik was built in 1933, by Vladimir Šubic. At that time Nebotičnik was one of the highest buildings in the Balkan. The cafe is located on the top floor, above the restaurant. Enjoy your coffee and dessert with the view over the old part of Ljubljana.

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