Must have photography apps for your phone

If you are trying to top up your Instagram game or just edit your photos then you’ve come to the right place. Here are basic presentations of mobile apps that will bring your editing game to the whole new level.

Photography apps_editing

Lightroom app 

The Lightroom app is free for mobile. Once you download it, you will have to log in with your Adobe account. Once you’re in, you will be able to upload and edit your photos. There are premium features, such as selective adjustments, healing brush, etc. that you can purchase. 


Once you upload the photo, you can start editing. The navigation panel is at the bottom. 

At Light, you can control exposure, contrast, shadows, white and black tones. You also have access to a tone curve, with which you have control over the brightness and contrast of an image.

Exposure: controls the brightness of the photo.

Highlights: for adjusting the bright values of your image

Blacks: for adjusting black values of your image

Contrast: to contrast between the dark and light part of an image

Next is the color adjustment tool, where you can adjust temperature, vibrance, and saturation. And if you click on the mix, you will be able to control the hue, saturation, and luminance of the specific color. 


Lightroom_color mix

Temperature: control how cool or warm the colors turn out in an image

Tint: adjustment of purple and green tones of an image 

Vibrance: changes the saturation, but it’s focusing on mid-tones of an image; it also preserves skin tones.

Saturation: change the intensity of colors equally

At effects you can control texture, clarity (to add contrast around the edges of objects), dehaze (add or remove haze), vintage ( to darken or brighten the corners of your image), and grain. 


What I love about Lightroom is that you can simply save your desktop presets to a mobile app. You just simply save your photo as a DNG file and upload it to the app. Then click on three dots in the corner and save as a new preset. You can always save your adjustments to the image as new presets.

Adobe Photoshop fix

With Adobe Photoshop fix is a retouching app. It will allow you to do some basic adjustments, spot healing, smoothness, adjust the light, adjust color and focus, etc. 

This app also allows you to apply the effect to a selected area.


A free photo editing app that is appropriate for beginners and more advanced photographers. It has similar features as Lightroom and some more. Snapseed allows you to import RAW images. When you open the app press on the big “+” and add the photo. 

In Looks, you will find different filters, which can be applied to. 

Tools will allow you to edit photos from cropping, adjusting perspective, healing, white balance, using a brush, etc. 

And the last step is to export the image, an option that can be found at Export. 



This photo editing app is a little bit different than the previous ones. Besides basic editing, you can also create collages, add text to your image. After you log in to your account, it will land you on your home page.  The home consists of a feed where artists show their work and short videos of how to. 


With PicsArt you will easily create a collage, add text, stickers, brushes, etc. At tools, you can find basic editing adjustments. Different filters are found under effects. You can also add a photo, cut out part of the picture, and place it on the new image. 

Once you are done editing, click next. You can decide whether you want to save your picture to your gallery or post it on your PicsArt account.

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