When you visit Slovenia, this little gem has to be on your to-visit list! It’s located on the northern end of the Triglavski narodni park. A short 6 minute drive from Kranjska Gora, will bring you to the parking lot and a start of the trail. Just continue your way through the forest, until this amazing view opens up. No matter the season, it is guaranteed to leave you speechless and amazed with its beauty.

In 1992 Zelenci was declared a national reserve, for its fauna and flora. It’s also the spring of river Sava Dolinka. They are around 120m long and 20 wide. 

Name Zeleci (green) comes from the color of the lake, which is blue-green. The color of the water comes from the constant appearance of cold and clean water that is emerging through layers of marl.

Interesting fact: The lake has a constant temperature, around 6C, therefore it doesn’t freeze during winter. 

Where to next?

If you have time, continue your trip to Planica. 

Planica Nordic Centre was built in 2015. Here you can check out the history of ski jumps of Slovenia, on the top of the floor enjoy some coffee or tea with a view over the ski jump and if you want to make your trip filled with adrenaline you should try out the zip line or wind tunnel. Don’t forget to check out ski jumps, maybe you will be able to watch some ski jumpers at their practice.

End your trip in Kranjska Gora. Here you will find some restaurants, where you will be able to freshen up and find some good restaurants. Here you can also find decent accommodations if you decide to spend the night in Kranjska Gora. 

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